Clock-controlled, electronic room thermostat


Flush mounted controller for the time-dependent control of temperatures developed by electric and warm water heating systems (normally closed actuators). This clock-controlled thermostat is equipped with a week-cycle clock.

Product Type: FDTR-U 101.100 SL/OFF#00 

Operating voltage: 230 V/ 50 Hz

Sensor: NTC – internal


Temperature range: adjustable 5 … 29°C (factory setting 17°C)

Degree of protection: IP 30

Protection class: II, depending on installation

General equipment: Room temperature controller with clock: Self-learning function, frost protection, valve protection 

Indications: on the display: actual value and/or time

Admissible air moisture: max. 95 %, non-condensing

Ambient temperature: 0 … 30°C

Mounting / installation: In UP box / flush installation

Housing: Polycarbonate (PC)