How long have Süka heaters been available?
The German manufacturer of the Süka heaters first introduced this type of heating to the German market in 1973. Since then hundreds of thousands of Süka heaters have been successfully installed all over Europe.
Are Süka heaters guaranteed against defects?
Of course! All Süka heaters are delivered with a 15-year manufacturer backed guarantee of quality. Provided you have not misused the Süka heater, we will simply replace the defective heater within the guarantee period with a new one, without any cost to you. The guarantee is also, of course, transferable to new owners should you sell your property within the guarantee period.
What is the difference between the Süka heating system and other types of electrical heating?
Most other electrical heating systems – including night storage heating – use heated convected air to warm a room. This is generally inefficient, unhealthy (especially for allergy sufferers) and expensive. Süka heaters copy the sun and use radiant heat which is healthy, very efficient and very economical. Remember, in the winter when the sun is shining and the air temperature is near freezing, your skin soon warms up when exposed to the radiant heat of the sun. In the Alps, skiers actually sunbathe without problems even though the air temperatures are low! Radiant heat warms up the walls and the furniture of your home as well as you and so only occasional top-up heat is required. A stone warmed by the sun will hold its heat for longer than a stone warmed by warm air!
Why are Süka heaters so efficient?
The unique Chamotte fire-clay energy cells with the embedded heating elements inside all Süka heaters, work together with a finely tuned thermostat, to provide fast, healthy radiant heat to warm up the room to the desired comfort level. After that, only the top-up heat is generated and radiated out. So on average, you will only need 15 minutes of electricity consumption for up to 60 minutes of warmth. Our free demonstration will convince you in no time just how efficient Süka heaters are.
How can I convince myself that the Süka system really works?
Simple, just visit our showroom in Bristol and see the heaters in action for yourself or if we have an agent in your area we can arrange an appointment for them to come and visit you with a demonstration heater. This is completely FREE and without obligation. Feel and experience for yourself how effective the system works and then ask the consultant to carry out the FREE survey. After that he/she can calculate your heating requirements, work out the best package of heaters for you, calculate the running costs and give you the best price. Only when you have all of the information, can you make a valid decision as to whether Süka is for you!
What safety features do Süka heaters have?
All Süka heaters conform to rigid safety regulations in the manner of manufacture as well as used as prescribed by the German authorities. All Süka heaters have VDE (Association of German Electrical & Electronic Engineers), GS (Proven Safety) and CE (Certificate of Electrical Suitability) certification. Each internal energy cell is linked with wiring containing sensors, which automatically switch the heater (or that section) off should the heater suddenly start to overheat, if for example, some clothing has covered a section of the heater.
How do I control my Süka heaters?
Each Süka radiator is fitted with a sensitive thermostatic control made up of a control knob at the top of the side panel and a finely tuned feeler or sensor which slightly protrudes from the base of the control panel. The sensor continually measures the ambient temperature of the room as contributed to by both radiant and convection heat. The presence of the sensor at floor level ensures that the measurement taken reflects the set temperature at the dial and therefore create a condition for which the entire room remains uniformly warm with (if any discrepancy) a standard deviation of 1°C between floor level and roof level. This has proven very useful to many people who have had to contend with heaters that keep rooms warm at shoulder level but leave them with cold feet.   Our remote-controlled systems go one step further with two optional temperature sensors at the 2 the bottom side panel of the radiator and a waist-level wall-mountable/table-top remote temperature sensor, which communicate with each other to ensure 100% accuracy of the required temperature in the given room. This permits YOU to be in control of the level of warmth YOU feel is most comfortable for YOU!
I have an old house with poor wiring. Can I still use Süka heaters?
For safety’s sake, the power rating and state of the wiring etc. will need to be checked by a qualified electrician and possibly upgraded.
Are Süka heaters safe for children and the elderly?
Yes, once the Süka heater has created sufficient basic heat in the room, it will only produce top-up heat to keep the room warm. This means that surface temperatures are lower than most other types of radiator heating. Also, our heaters are completely safe, causing no problems to the environment as there aren’t any emissions of toxins or any exhaust gases, noises or smells released from the heaters which guarantee a healthy room climate for you.
Are the heaters portable?
No, our heaters have been specified to supply a particular heating requirement for an individual room. Each room has a different requirement. All heaters are supplied to be wall-mounted and include a fixing kit. You can buy legs as an accessory to support the weight of the heaters when walls are not suitable.
Can I install the heaters myself?
Whilst most people can master fixing the Süka heaters to the wall without any problems, under new Building Regulations, one does require a qualified electrician to install any complex electrical system. Süka heaters come with the 3-metre long cable pre-installed but without a plugin case the user needs to hardwire them.
How long does it take to install the Süka heating system?
On average it takes about 45-60 minutes to completely install a Süka heater to the wall and install the cable and plug. The Süka heaters installation process is a very fast and clean job, with the least amount of inconvenience to you.
Why do some Süka heaters with the same power ratings (2.0Kw and 2.5Kw) come in different sizes?
The wider the heater the more surface area is available and an even better distribution of radiant heat are possible. This means that the wider heaters are even more economical in the running costs. Unfortunately, some houses do not have the wall space to take the larger heaters and so a smaller one can be fitted without sacrificing on power output.
What sizes do Süka heaters come in?
Süka heaters come in many different sizes and power ratings to suit all heating requirements. Check the ‘Heater Ranges’ page under ‘Our Heaters’ for more details.
Is the best location for a Süka heater under a window?

Whilst windows are usually areas where the coldest temperature comes into a room it doesn’t make sense to locate a Süka heater there if you have curtains which then block the heat from being radiated into the room. Our trained consultants will advise the best positioning for your chosen 3 heater for each room.

Remember, cold air sinks to the floor and will eventually be sucked into the ribbed front and back of the Süka heater to get warmed up. The thermostat feeler/sensor is located at floor level and measures the air temperature there, so the heater will automatically adjust to the situation. Similarly, if during the winter the sun shines into the room, the thermostat shuts the Süka heater off until more heat is required. This is a great difference in comparison to night storage heaters, which are not able to be switched off and you can only control the temperature in your room by opening windows to let the excess heat out or closing the curtains to keep the sun out!

How expensive are Süka heaters?
It all depends on which heaters you require. Süka heaters cover a wide power spectrum from 0.4 kW output to 2.5 kW output. A small heater can cost less than £500 and a whole set for a house costs between £1,600 – £3,500. The investment cost is comparable and usually cheaper than a normal central heating system using gas or oil. With Süka there are no maintenance and service contracts required, no repairs and no redecorating to worry about. So comparing lifetime costs: Capital Investment + Minimum Maintenance Costs + Running Costs, Süka works out the least expensive and has the least amount of disturbance with the installation. Remember, when comparing costs with other systems; make sure you always take into account all future costs. Running costs for gas and oil has increased a lot more than costs for electricity and are likely to continue to do so for years to come.
What colours do you supply?
To misquote Henry Ford: “You can have any colour you like, as long as it is ivory white!” Experience has shown that this colour is most neutral and fits most room decors. Offering different colours becomes very expensive.
What happens if I sell my house and move elsewhere?
Whilst Süka heaters are easy to take off the wall and you can take them with you, remember that they have been chosen for that particular property. It is much better to use Süka heating as an added value bonus when selling your property and increase the sales price you set.
Are Süka heaters suitable for bathrooms?
Yes, providing the radiator is at least 60cm from a water source and is hard wired to an electricity supply.
How are Süka heaters fixed to the wall?
The Süka heaters have a simple but effective fixing system which can be used on most walls including plasterboard! Only with cob walls or similar, do we recommend to use castors or feet.
Can I use existing night storage cabling for my Süka heaters?
If you are changing over fully from night storage heating to Süka heaters, then it makes sense to use the existing cabling. Your electrician will need to provide sockets for the Süka heaters (although Süka heaters can also be hard-wired) and also needs to make some minor corrections in the meter box.
Do I need to switch off the Süka heaters at night?
No. With the Süka heating system, the thermostatic control allows you to turn the heat down to a comfortable level of background heat. The heating “top-up” process used by Süka means that very little if any electricity will be used at night. When you awake, the room is not cold and if you require more heat then all you need to do is turn the control knob up a little and the room will soon be as warm and cosy as you require. By heating up from a temperature of say 15 °C to 20 °C requires much less energy than heating up from cold.
Do/can Süka heaters use Economy 7 tariff electricity?
If you require heating at night when the Economy 7 tariff is valid, then naturally Süka heaters only use Economy 7 electricity, provided of course that your electricity meter is correctly set. This is generally only a small job for your electrician.