Become an Agent

Süka has a very successful product with great sales potential throughout Ireland.

As part of our national drive, we have a number of interesting Business Opportunities for individuals, team leaders, door-to-door canvassers, businesses, and distributors, trained and registered electricians as well as professional sales people wishing to earn an above average living.

We offer attractive sales commissions for those who want to be part of our team. We pay attractive fees for team leaders who are able to organise door-to-door canvassers in our lead generation drive.

If you want to be your own boss, we can assist to set you up.

The Business Opportunities Packages range in various categories depending on your own motivation and the size of the area or combination of areas. Süka would be providing training, support and all necessary help required to make you succeed in your area.

Are you interested in a job or a licensed installation business and/or a licensed distributorship? Call us. If you have an email access, then email details about yourself and your background to