SU61/08 with integrated controller


CODE: SU61/800, kW: 0.8, Dimensions (w x h x d): 38.2 x 61 x 7.4cm, Weight: 15 kg, 4-level thermal safety overheat


The SU61 series with integrated controller offers high flexibility (especially in combination with our accessories) and can be used as a stand-alone heating system as well as a top-up heating system. It can be used in a small bedroom or bathroom up to combined open living spaces.

CODE: SU61/800

kW: 0.8

Dimensions (w x h x d): 38.2 x 61 x 7.4cm

Weight: 15 kg

4-level thermal safety overheat

28 surrounding ribs (= 2.5m. surface area)

Useful Information

The control unit covers the full range of temperature likely to occur throughout the British Isles. When in use in varying parts of the country, the heaters will not always operate at the lower temperature settings. This is not because of any fault in the unit itself. It just adjusts automatically to the regional/seasonal temperature and chooses not to come on at lower settings unless overridden to higher temperatures. For example, the Süka heater will behave differently further to the north of the country which is colder than the southern part in Cornwall.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 7.4 × 38.2 × 61 cm