Süka’s heater range is the heat of the moment

Süka’s inspiring range of electric heaters for the home and workplace offers an eco-friendly, complication-free and cost-effective solution to heating issues. Abdul Raaj, director of Süka Group UK, says he is “delighted to bring a product to the UK which offers a practical solution to the current financial and environmental pressures”.

Unlike many of the alternatives, the plug-in format offers an easy means of transferring heating systems whilst saving money on installation costs. As the heaters are electric, they also provide an energy-efficient alternative to oil, gas or coal-fired heating systems. The heaters use radiant heat rather than the more commonly used convection heat for several benefits. Unlike convection heat which warms and circulates air, radiant heat stores warmth directly in furniture and the room’s structure.

Market-leading technology enables the heaters to be warmed without any energy being lost allowing them to work at only 60% capacity. This, alongside the storage of heat, results in only 15 minutes of electricity being needed to warm a room for an hour as the heat is simply topped up for a short duration whilst in use.

The cost and environmental benefits are clear. Their energy efficiency makes them cost-effective and far cheaper than running a conventional heater. Furthermore, they help save the environment as less energy is used and no harmful toxins emitted. This is not only favourable with utility bills and corporate social responsibility but also the Carbon Trust, who offer interest-free loans between £3,000 and £500,000 to businesses wanting to invest in these eco-friendly products.

Costs are further diminished by the heaters being service free, confidence reflected in Süka’s 15-year guarantee on all models.