‘Plug ‘n’ use’: simplified and cheap green heating 

Convenience is not something necessarily associated with making homes and businesses more eco-friendly. But Süka has revolutionised green heating in the form of plug-in electric heaters which address environmental pressures with a convenient, clean and cost effective solution.

Their plug-in format offers an easy conversion as the heaters can be easily installed. Installation simply requires the heater to be secured to a wall and its plug and cable connection, or for it to be hardwired. It can be fitted to most walls, with the use of castors or feet only being recommended for use on cob walls or similar.

The heaters provide an energy-efficient alternative to oil, gas or coal-fired heating systems. Market-leading technology ensures no energy is lost when warming the heaters, allowing them to work at only 60% capacity. This, alongside their delivery of radiant rather than convection heat, means only 15 minutes of electricity is required to heat a room for an hour with no harmful toxins being emitted. Radiant heat stores warmth in furniture and the room’s structure meaning it needs only to be topped up every hour, far cheaper than continuously running a conventional heater; saving money and the environment.

The heaters efficiency makes them very cost-effective. Alongside the savings made on energy costs, the Carbon Trust provides interest-free loans, between £3,000 and £500,000, to businesses wanting to invest in energy saving products such as Süka heaters.  Such costs are further diminished by the heaters being service free.

Süka’s confidence in the quality of their range of heaters is reflected by the 15-year guarantee on all models.

By Abdul Raaj, Commercial Manager for Süka Electro Heating Systems in the UK