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According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) website, the average energy consumption cost per household in the UK is about £1300.

60% of this covers gas usage (£780) and the rest of the 40%  (£520) covers electricity. The DECC's statistics assume that any average household will have mains gas and therefore uses electricity only for lighting and home appliances but not heating. So £780 for home heating using gas is clearly higher than what it'll cost to use Suka heaters.

Now, for those who don't have gas, consider the cost of equivalent night storage heaters using the Economy 7 so-called cheap tariff:

Expected running cost of night storage heaters
during a 24 hour/day use at 16.73pence per kilowatt hour (peak time of 17hrs)
and 5.49p per kilowatt hour (off-peak of 7hrs) on Economy 7 Tariff

This specification for a semi-detached house, a terrace house or any dwelling of average standard modern room sizes
Room Night Store Heater (kW) recommended Target Temperature (Degrees C) Usage Length Likely Highest Running Cost of 5 Night Storage heaters
  Day Night 100% charge for every 60 minutes Day (17hrs) Night (7hrs) Total Cost/24hrs usage (£) Cost /winter of 180 days (yr)
 Bathroom 2.0 kw fan heater HS2000N 18 18 1.00 3 7 £ 0.8862 £ 159.52
 Hallway 1.70kw HSXDA18N 20 16 1.00 3 7 £ 0.7644 £ 137.59
 Bedroom 1 2.55kw HSXDA12N 18 16 1.00 3 7 £ 1.0755 £ 193.58
 Bedroom 2 2.55kw HSXDA18N 18 16 1.00 3 7 £ 1.0755 £ 193.58
 Lounge/Living area 3.40kw HSXAF24N 21 18 1.00 3 7 £ 1.6487 £ 296.77
Total 12.200 kW heat load!!!   £ 5.45/day
*Running cost = kWh used x electricity tariff rate x consumption in every 60 minutes x  50% running capacity assuming night store heaters are controllable


Stove heating Convector heating Oil/Liquid Gas Central heating
stoveheating convector oil liquid gas heating
  • Much loss of heat
  • Large differences of temperature between floor and ceiling
  • Dry air which can cause problems for eyes and sinuses
  • Uneven distribution of heat
  • Too much movement of dust
  • Often noisy
  • Draughty
  • Large amount of space required for tank
  • High cost of installation
Sueka heating system  
sueka heating
  • Even distribution of healthy warmth from floor to ceiling
  • NO draughts
  • NO dust swirling in the air
  • NO loss of energy
  • NO extra space required for boilers and/or tanks
  • Simple Installation
  • NO Maintenance
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