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Function and method of operation

The Suka radiators from Germany work in a similar manner to a normal central heating system. The main differences lie in the fact that normally in a central heating system, a boiler is required to heat water, which is then pumped around the system so as to heat the radiators, whereas with Sueka radiators, the radiator ribs are heated by a system of internal specialist energy cells, each with its own embedded heating element. The Sueka radiator ribs ensure that a very large surface area is available to be evenly heated and this heat is then radiated out into the room in an intensive and comfortable manner. In addition, the chimney effect caused by the ribbed design, produces also convected heat so as to ensure an optimal mixture of convected and radiant heat, which controlled by an efficient thermostatic control, together produce the most effective, comfortable and economic method of heating the room.

    1. Heating element
    2. Energy cell core
    3. Steel housing
    4. Powder-coated surface
    5. Heat radiating ribs
    6. Cover
    7. Convected heat
    8. Radiant heat

The secret to the Süka heating radiator is its intelligent use of energy, ensuring plenty of heat is available right through the day, while keeping running costs low.

15 minutes of electricity to provide 60 minutes of warmth

Radiant heat: The heating system works by imitating the sun’s radiant warmth and relies on the best of all heat: RADIANT HEAT. Once the heat is absorbed into the radiator system, it is then radiated out in an intensive and comfortable manner throughout the room. In addition to the healthy emission of radiant heat from the side panels, a chimney effect caused by the rugged and precision design of the flutes surrounding the core of the heater, allow for a low level of convective heat which combines with the radiant heat to ensure an optimal ambient temperature in the room.

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