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Süka is an industry leader and one of Europe’s top producers of electric heating systems. Our products are manufactured to the highest German engineering and European Safety standards, therefore high quality products are guaranteed with a 15 years manufacturer’s warranty.

As prices for gas and oil continue to rise due to a lack of resources, electric heating is fast becoming an attractive option and is growing in popularity. Unlike the out dated night storage heaters which cannot be controlled to cut your costs, our heaters are fully controllable and provide heat on demand regulated by automatic state-of-the-art thermostats.

Our heaters will consume only 15 minutes of electricity to produce up to 60 minutes of healthy radiant warmth. This means that within a 24 hour period of usage, not more than 6 hours of power will be consumed under the right circumstances. Consequently, giving you lower running costs to heat your property. Combined with the fact that Süka heaters are maintenance free and completely easy to install, you can benefit from an overall lower lifetime cost.

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