Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic technology is one of the best ways to generate electricity, using the sun’s energy. It’s a technology which converts daylight (not necessarily direct sunlight) into electricity in order to operate electrical appliances and lighting.

Due to people being more ecologically aware and wanting to pursue more environmentally friendly ways of living, the demand for Solar Energy has increased by an exceptional amount over recent years. In addition, the economic benefits gained from the government’s Feed in Tariff scheme has played a vital part in evolving Solar PV as a major energy source.

In comparison to oil and coal which burn natural resources to produce energy, solar power does not emit harmful greenhouse gases into the air as the fuel used to power Solar PV systems is the sun’s energy.

Süka offer a full range of solar PV products including Solar PV modules, inverters and mounting systems. We also provide meters, monitors, trackers and off-grid solar systems. Solar panels are constructed by combining thousands of PV cells into one module. These include monocrystalline, thin film and polycrystalline silicon cells, each with different costs and qualities of efficiency.

For further information and advice, visit our solar PV website by clicking on the link below or contact Süka today on 0800 5200 333.

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